Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soccer, Snorkeling and Smiles

As I sit here watching the rain come down like it’s worst days in the PNW, eating cheez-its, and drinking a Gatorade I find myself very at home.  I’m sort of laughing at myself, nothing like some greasy salty crackers, and a high sugar juice to make you feel at home… no wonder I’m an American.

The Yaowawit soccer team and a few of the many fans

It has been so long since I have written last, whoooops sorry mom J I suppose I will start with the Kapong soccer tournament, which I can say has been one of my most favorite days since being in Thailand. I knew the boys were playing in a local tournament and I was so excited to see them play in an official game. I had no idea we were going to an actual stadium with an announcer, concession stands, and bleachers filled with fans! I think everyone around Yaowawit thought I was insane because I could have exploded with excitement. I had made posters and signs for the boys and the students were quick to pick up the signs and yell for team Yaowawit. We went to a few games over the weekend, and the boys ended up placing third! Only in Thailand is it almost a guarantee that half time will turn into a dance party. Whether it be Gangnam Style or another of the favorites songs, the crowd is on their feet dancing and singing. If you ask me this is something the rest of us should start doing! I don’t know why but it still amazes me that across the world sports, kids, conversations etc. are so similar! All my fellow teammates and soccer families can relate to rushing after a game to see the scores of the other teams in your bracket. Depending how other teams do can decide your game time, place in the tournament, seeding for playoffs etc. The boys anxiously crowded the board, I couldn’t help but reminisce of my own tournament days. (Jeez, referring to my “tournament days” I sound like an old woman)
The kindergarteners putting on a half-time show
The boys checking out the scores

Transportation to the game

Many times throughout the year different International schools come to visit Yaowawit. The schools come and spend lots of time with the students, and our kids usually can't get enough of our visitors. All of us at Yaowawit joke that as soon as visitors come to school we are pushed to the back burner, and they forget about us. Of course that is not fully true, the kids always like us... just a little more when there are not new friends around hah :) Last week Chiang Mai International School was here visiting Yaowawit. My friend Anna and I were lucky enough to join them on a snorkeling trip in Khao Lak on Monday. We saw tons of fish of all sizes and colors! Of course my favorite were the neon fish, I really wanted to touch one of them haha… which resulted in them swimming terrified of me. After a few different snorkeling pit stops, we parked ourselves at a beach to have lunch. Little did we know that hundreds and hundreds of hermit crabs would be joining us? It was insane the crabs were just toppling over each other fighting for food, and every once and a while you would get a little crab on your toes… not cool.  All in all it was a great day out in sun on the water. To top it all off, it was Anna's birthday so of course we had some celebrating to do when we got back to Kapong!

Saying that I am in for the experience of a lifetime is an understatement. Thus far I have met amazing people, gone on sweet weekend adventures, and I am lucky enough to work with incredible kids everyday. These kids have the ability always make my day. Here are just a few of the many faces I get to see on a daily basis!