Sunday, March 9, 2014

Field trip day!

A 6:30 am departure time, 12 staff members, 81 students, and two buses is what it took for the Yaowawit field trip to Krabi. Personally, I had no idea where we were going; I just knew it was supposed to take quite a while to get there. It had been about a year since I had last been to Krabi so I had forgotten how windy the roads were…until the teachers started passing out bags incase somebody needed to toss their cookies. So there between Riley and I sat a petrified 1st grader with a puke bag in her hands. Luckily she curled up and took a nap on our laps and the bag was not needed J

What I thought was just a Yaowawit fieldtrip, turned out to be fieldtrip day for about 50 other schools as well. So we piled off the buses, and floated around a fair grounds type area full of different science projects and arts and crafts stations. This fieldtrip was different than any I remember growing up. There were no groups, no time check-ins (besides when we were leaving), and as it seemed no rules. Yet as most things seem to in Thailand, everything ran smoothly. Well that is until Riley, Insa, a few students and I thought we got left behind. When we realized everyone else had moved onto the area of market food stalls, and naturally we had to play catch up to everyone else and treated ourselves to French fries.

Our next stop was the beach, which was a great after lunch break. The kids ran around collecting crabs and seashells, while we were busy snapping pictures and enjoying the sunshine! It was an extremely hot day and the kids were troopers. We made another stop near the beach at a fossil preservation park. Fossils, shells, and shopping took over our time and soon enough we were off to our next destination! Our last pit stop was a Krabi waterfall and it was beautiful. I think everyone had his or her reservations about getting everyone on and off the bus again, but this was worth it. On top of it all there was a couple having wedding pictures taken, which we all got a kick out of.  All in all it was a successful fieldtrip! Everyone had fun, and we all slept well after the exhausting day!